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The Citizens for San Luis Valley Water first came together in the late 1980’s to defeat corporate attempts to export San Luis Valley water. Decades of local leadership galvanized successful passage of the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve Act of 2000 which established the Great Sand Dunes National Park new 97,500-acre Baca National Wildlife Refuge and Rio Grande National Forest Mountain Tract. Over the years they sponsored other now established valley-wide organizations that work to protect the quality of life, culture and environment of the San Luis Valley.

In 2006, the Canadian wildcat company, Lexam Explorations proposed to drill two 14,000' deep wells in the newly created Baca National Wildlife Refuge. The impacts of drilling and injection of large quantities of toxic chemicals into the Closed Basin aquifer system was widely considered an unacceptable threat to the water users of the San Luis Valley.

In early 2007, the Citizens Group formally resurrected as the Water Protection Coalition (WPC) in response to this new threat to the Valley's water resources. We later responded to more wide-spread initiatives to drill on public and private lands in the Valley. WPC's goal is to achieve a federal buyout of the mineral estate underlying the Baca National Wildlife Refuge.

In 2008, the WPC became aware of state and regionally generated initiatives to develop industrial-scale concentrated solar power in the San Luis Valley. In response to wide-spread citizen concerns, WPC is helping to formulate a Citizens Energy Initiative to ensure a sustainable energy future that reflects the values and desires of the people who live in the San Luis Valley.