Despite the health benefits attributable to hot tubs, few people can afford to install one in their homes. This is primarily because they are expensive and are, therefore, beyond the financial capability. And for a minuscule number of people, it is because they do not have enough space to accommodate one.

Fortunately, with the advent of inflatable hot tubs, it is now easier and cheaper for people to own hot tubs.

Also known as inflatable spas or portable hot tubs, inflatable hot tubs do not require extensive installation procedures. As the name suggests, inflatable spas can be inflated and deflated. They can also be situated outdoors or indoors. Furthermore, you can get this incredible equipment for as low as $500; this makes them incredibly cheap compared to the regular hot tub.

Benefits of the Inflatable Spa

Hot water bathing, which is the prevalent form of bathing in inflatable spas, has been in existence for several centuries. Unfortunately, people don’t realize that it offers numerous health benefits. Some of these benefits are:

It reduces blood sugar levels

The regular use of a hot tub has been found to significantly reduce blood sugar levels, especially in those suffering from type II diabetes. In fact, becoming immersed in your inflatable spa is considered to be more effective in lowering blood sugar than an entire hour spent cycling would. How does this work, you may wonder? Well, the water temperature first enhances your blood flow, which prompts your body to efficiently use insulin, thus simulating physical exercises.

In much simpler terms, relaxing in your inflatable spa enables you to burn calories without putting yourself through the rigors of physical exercises.

It reduces headaches

While it is the most popular, using painkillers is not the only method for alleviating headaches and relieving pain. There are several, including soaking yourself in a hot bath, such as in an inflatable spa. Numerous scientific studies that have been carried out on this issue that prove it.

To accurately identify how soaking in a hot tub alleviates headache, we need to consider some of the root causes of headaches. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on tension and congestion.

When asked, people suffering from migraine say they usually experience tension headaches just before migraine sets in. By soaking in hot water, the stress levels experienced by these people decreases. Their muscles also become relaxed, thus limiting the likelihood of experiencing an intense migraine that is set off by increased tension levels.

Congestion is another cause of headache, and it can be resolved by soaking in a hot tub. Similar to headaches caused by tension, headaches caused by congestion can also be prevented. The hot water involved helps to clear the sinuses, thus fighting against congestion.

It relieves pain

If you suffer from arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and backache among others, soaking in hot water can bring you relief. All you have to do is sit back and relax in your inflatable spa and allow the water do its job.

How does the hot water achieve this, though?

The answer is: through water buoyancy.

The hot water simulates a sense of weightlessness in the body. This results in an increase in the body’s blood circulation. It also causes the muscles in the body to relax, thereby reducing inflammation.

In addition, kicking back in an inflatable spa causes your body to experience increased flexibility in the water. This is primarily why physiotherapists recommend hydrotherapy for people suffering from certain kinds of pain, such as knee, joint, or back.

It relieves stress and anxiety

Because of how modern humans live, it is unsurprising that we constantly feel stressed and anxious. To effectively limit the amount of stress you experience, take steps to unwind and let loose. One of the most efficient ways of doing this is to sit back and relax in your inflatable spa.

In case you didn’t know, stress and anxiety are some of the factors causing specific health issues in the human body. Some of these issues are stroke, heart disease, certain mental ailments like depression, etc. And by relieving you of stress, inflatable spas will reduce your risk of developing these ailments.

It reduces blood pressure

High blood pressure is a dangerous health condition that is associated with several other chronic ailments, such as stroke, hypertension, and kidney malfunction. It is also associated with a myriad of health conditions among others. Fortunately, certain research on the topic have found that sitting in hot water effectively reduces blood pressure. This is due by the dilating effect of heat on the blood vessels, which results in an increased supply of oxygen. It also results in reduced resistance on the heart.

It helps to get rid of common cold

When you are about to experience a cold or flu, one of the first symptoms you’ll notice is fever. This is because fever is the body’s defense against viruses. Interestingly, immersing your body in your inflatable hot tub is an effective way of boosting your immune system and shoring up your body’s defense. This is because it increases the temperature of your body like a fever, thus enabling you to fight against the cold viruses. This then ensures that the viruses are unable to reproduce.

Moreover, steam eases congestion, which, in turn, relaxes your sensation and muscles. It also provides relief from the achy feeling that is characteristic of the flu.

It improves heart health

Cardiovascular illnesses are some of the biggest killers of humanity. To avoid becoming victims of these diseases, it is imperative that you eat healthy, avoid smoking, and exercise regularly. You should also immerse yourself in hot water to give your heart a jog. This is achieved through the pressuring effect the water has on the body, which then causes the heart to beat much faster.

In conclusion, immersing yourself in an inflatable spa is not only pleasurable and relaxing, it is also beneficial in numerous ways, including health-wise. As such, if you are looking to improve your overall health, we recommend you take a dip in an inflatable hot tub, regularly.