Inflatable spas or hot tubs fill up the space that the conventional spas leave. You can enjoy outstanding, affordable, reusable, and portable, to say the least. But before many people launch directly to acquire one of these inflatable spas, they often like to clarify some of the details of the products. At least, even if they plan to simply test the waters, it is still worth asking some basic questions about its use. Another reason for asking these questions may be to choose one of the conventional bathtubs and the inflatable spas. 

Apart from the two options above, other people may prefer to walk into an actual spa with all the features. But what about the period it takes to reach your turn if you intend to use a facility? Is it not better to have a hot tub of your own that is not only affordable but movable and controllable? Below are some of the common questions people ask about inflatable spas and an approach to answering them.

What is good about Intex Spas?

Intex is a significant player in the world of inflatable spas of the highest quality. However, many other brands are not bad as well. For instance, Coleman and Avenli are some of the very durable and impressive brand products you should consider. Suppose you have to spend as much as a few hundred dollars on inflatable spas. In that case, you need not hesitate to know as much information about Intex or other brands as you need to know.

The Intex Inflatable Spas give off so much functionality that you wonder why it is sold for that price. The manufacturer did minimize, to the least, the use of plumbing, heaters, pumps, and other materials. In other words, when you buy this product, you can be sure to find the exact representation of what you perhaps saw in the advert. And unlike much similar product that wears and tear in a few months of use, these inflatable spas can stand the test of time.

It also works well with water chemistry maintenance to make it safe for use. These hot tubs also demand that you maintain a good chemical maintenance culture if you use them for long. People who ignore the need to keep the tool often damage the heating element through pH imbalance or the addition of too much sanitizer. In any case, you can be confident that your inflatable tub will serve its purpose for years to come. Click here for learn more about inflatable tub and spas.

Which are the cheapest Spas?

It is not too much to say that inflatable spas are the cheaper kind of hot tubs out there to get. So, just like you have ‘plug and play’ apps with no stress to use, inflatable spas are also dependable as long as they are connected and filled. The price of an inflatable spa is also a good reason why you should prefer it to a cast hot tub. For instance, you can usually get inflatable spas from Avenli for about $800 each, which is big enough to accommodate up to 5 adults. 

A spa of this range can hold up to 940 liters of water with 90 bubble jet holes. Its power rating is between 220 and 240 volts at a 50Hz frequency. On the other hand, if you need a small inflatable spa, you can get as low as $300. It will hold up to 210 gallons of water within 120 volts. However, the heating elements are limited in this second version. Therefore, getting the right inflatable spa is not difficult if you know what your budget is.

How deep are the waters in inflatable spas?

When you fill an inflatable spa to the recommended level, another thing you want to know is how deep it can take. For instance, if you are a tall adult or you have 6-feet men and women in your abode, it may be a very valid question to ask. Before you buy the hot tub, you need to know if you won’t have any problem. The experience with the other hot tub, made of fiberglass or concrete bench or lounge, may not be close to what inflatable spas are.

The depth of the inflatable spas ideally depends on the size of the hot tub per so. But if you get an averagely large one, two adults can take a bath without touching each other. Even when two people accidentally find themselves in an inflatable spa, it is not a reason to play ‘footsies’ with the other bather. 

Mind you, an ideal deflection in an Intex spa remains between 18 and 20 inches, where you can constantly adjust to the one you desire. Note that more people may cause the water to spill off if you set the deflection to the optimum. So, the level of deflection lies in how many people will be using the inflatable spa.

How many people can an inflatable spa take?

Inflatable spas vary in size, which determines the number of people it can take and the volume of water. If, for instance, you use an Intex Spa, the model of the actual spa will tell the number of people that can use it. There are smaller sizes that can accommodate 2 people while some can take up to 4 or 6. Also, a 77-inch inflatable spa from Intex holds 210 gallons of water. In comparison, those more significant than 85 inches can hold up to 290 gallons of water. For both products, having two people inside the tub is the ideal thing. However, if you choose to go for the Avenli Victory Spa from, it has a seat for 4 to 5 people. 

Most Common Questions about Inflatable Spas


The questions above are just symbolic of many questions you may want to learn about inflatable spas. However, you can ask your questions directly through the chat button at the right corner below. We are available to give you all the information you may wish to have without compromise.